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Description: Library 190 introduces students to the skills of basic researching, including the effective use of library resources and services. Students learn fundamental techniques for locating, evaluating, and organizing information to be used in research papers, as well as how to correctly format source citations. Topics covered include: information cycle and timeline; comparing, contrasting, and selecting library and open web resources; types and characteristics of information sources; effective information research planning; search techniques, evaluation criteria, citation formatting, and plagiarism. Note: Students completing Library 191, Library 190, and/or Library 101 will receive a maximum of two units of credit. Transfer Credit: CSU
Recommended preparation: Eligibility for ENGL 120 or ESL 151.
4203LECT04:05pm-05:10pmLB313GETTY , NANCY(2nd 8 Week Class)View
 LECTH04:20pm-05:10pmLB313GETTY , NANCY--
4203 Note: Fast-Track College Prep English is a one-semester, eight-unit learning community with four components: Writing Workshop, Composition, and Reading (ENGL 199); Intermediate Academic Reading (ENGL 190); Foundations of Critical Thinking Skills for Success in College English (ENGL 193); and Basic Research Skills (LIB 190). This program is designed to allow you to complete two developmental English courses (ENGL 191 and ENGL 120) in one semester and to provide you with support for developing critical thinking, strengthening critical reading skills, and writing research papers. You MUST be registered in ENGL 199 Ticket #3987 in order to register for this course. LIB 190 Ticket #4203 must be taken concurrently with ENGL 199, Ticket #3987.
4204LECF10:05am-12:10pmLB313CHIN , SUSIE(2nd 8 Week Class) CLOSEDView
4204 Note: Fast Track ESL is a one semester 9-unit learning community with 3 components: Grammar and Writing IV (ESL 141), Reading and Writing V (ESL 151), and Research Skills (Library 190). This program is designed to allow you to complete two ESL courses in one semester along with a basic research skills course. You MUST be registered in ESL 151 Ticket #1563 in order to register for this course. Ticket #4204 must be taken concurrently with ESL 151 Ticket #1563.
4205LECT01:40pm-03:45pmLB313KAYE , ZOHARA(2nd 8 Week Class)View


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