MOODLE Course Template Request Form

To request a MOODLE course template complete the information below and click 'Submit'. You will be notified when your course is available and provided with additional instructions via email. Your course will be available within 2 business days of submitting this form.

You may request a template prior to the semester you are planning on teaching the course.  This is especially helpful for those new to MOODLE who want to familiarize themselves with the program.  If you are requesting a course for the future, and the ticket number is not yet available enter '0000' (4 zeros) in the Ticket # section below.  You will be provided with a temporary course template. Once the actual ticket number becomes available, you will need to contact our MOODLE team ( to change the course name.  This should be done before the semester you will be using the course with your students begins.

If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course and would like to have one MOODLE Template for all sections please select YES below and SPECIFY the ticket numbers in the COMMENT area (for example, English 101 ticket numbers 5128, 5129). Otherwise a SINGLE MOODLE Course will be made for each ticket number.
Note: If you are teaching an online/hybrid (non web enhanced) class you must have a separate template for each ticket #.

If you have any questions, please call our MOODLE team at (818) 240-1000 ext. 3457.

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