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  • Workshops last 60 minutes.
  • All workshops are held in LB 313.
  • Workshops begin promptly. No late arrivals will be admitted.
  • Your workshop attendance will be reported to your instructors' online roster usually within one weekday of completion of the workshop.
  • You can check your recorded attendance at any workshop by logging in to the database and looking for your current semester's workshop schedule status, or, select workshop history from the pull-down menu (for checking workshops completed in prior semesters).


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Monday2/29/20169:30 AMIntro to the Library
Monday2/29/201611:15 AMResearch Process
Monday2/29/201612:30 PMLibrary Online Catalogs
Tuesday3/1/201611:00 AMLibrary Databases
Tuesday3/1/201612:30 PMIntro to the Library
Wednesday3/2/201612:30 PMEvaluating Sources
Wednesday3/2/20162:00 PMCiting Sources
Thursday3/3/201612:30 PMLibrary Databases
Thursday3/3/20165:30 PMResearch Process
Saturday3/5/201611:15 AMIntro to the Library
Saturday3/5/201612:45 PMResearch Process
Monday3/7/20169:30 AMResearch Process
Monday3/7/201611:15 AMLibrary Online Catalogs
Monday3/7/201612:30 PMIntro to the Library
Tuesday3/8/201611:00 AMEvaluating Sources
Tuesday3/8/201612:30 PMCiting Sources
Wednesday3/9/201612:30 PMLibrary Databases
Wednesday3/9/20162:00 PMResearch Process
Thursday3/10/20165:30 PMIntro to the Library
Friday3/11/201612:30 PMEvaluating Sources
Saturday3/12/201611:15 AMLibrary Databases
Saturday3/12/201612:45 PMLibrary Online Catalogs
Monday3/14/20169:30 AMLibrary Online Catalogs
Monday3/14/201611:15 AMIntro to the Library
Monday3/14/201612:30 PMResearch Process
Tuesday3/15/201611:00 AMCiting Sources
Tuesday3/15/201612:30 PMLibrary Databases
Wednesday3/16/201612:30 PMIntro to the Library
Wednesday3/16/20162:00 PMEvaluating Sources
Thursday3/17/20165:30 PMLibrary Databases
Friday3/18/201612:30 PMIntro to the Library
Saturday3/19/201611:15 AMResearch Process
Saturday3/19/201612:45 PMEvaluating Sources
Monday3/21/20169:30 AMLibrary Databases
Monday3/21/201611:15 AMCiting Sources
Monday3/21/201612:30 PMEvaluating Sources

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