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Monday9/16/201912:30 PMUsing Information Ethically
Monday9/16/20193:30 PMEvaluating Information
Tuesday9/17/201912:30 PMResearch Process
Tuesday9/17/20193:30 PMCredible Source Types
Wednesday9/18/201912:30 PMResearch Process
Wednesday9/18/20192:00 PMLibrary Databases
Thursday9/19/201911:15 AMResearch Process
Thursday9/19/20195:30 PMNews & Media Literacy
Friday9/20/201912:30 PMLibrary Databases
Saturday9/21/201911:15 AMResearch Process
Online - Available between 09/16/19 - 09/21/199/21/2019ONLOnline Intro to the Library
Saturday9/21/201912:45 PMEvaluating Information
Monday9/23/201912:30 PMResearch Process
Monday9/23/20193:30 PMCredible Source Types
Tuesday9/24/201912:30 PMLibrary Databases
Tuesday9/24/20193:30 PMUsing Information Ethically
Wednesday9/25/201912:30 PMNews & Media Literacy
Wednesday9/25/20192:00 PMCredible Source Types
Thursday9/26/201911:15 AMEvaluating Information
Thursday9/26/20195:30 PMResearch Process
Friday9/27/201912:30 PMUsing Information Ethically
Online - Available between 09/23/19 - 09/28/199/28/2019ONLOnline Intro to the Library
Monday9/30/201912:30 PMNews & Media Literacy
Monday9/30/20193:30 PMLibrary Databases
Tuesday10/1/201912:30 PMNews & Media Literacy
Tuesday10/1/20193:30 PMResearch Process
Wednesday10/2/201912:30 PMCredible Source Types
Wednesday10/2/20192:00 PMResearch Process
Thursday10/3/201911:15 AMCredible Source Types
Thursday10/3/20195:30 PMEvaluating Information
Friday10/4/201912:30 PMResearch Process
Saturday10/5/201911:15 AMLibrary Databases
Online - Available between 09/30/19 - 10/05/1910/5/2019ONLOnline Intro to the Library
Saturday10/5/201912:45 PMUsing Information Ethically
Monday10/7/201912:30 PMLibrary Databases
Monday10/7/20193:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Tuesday10/8/201912:30 PMEvaluating Information
Tuesday10/8/20193:30 PMUsing Information Ethically
Wednesday10/9/201912:30 PMResearch Process
Wednesday10/9/20192:00 PMNews & Media Literacy
Thursday10/10/201911:15 AMLibrary Databases
Thursday10/10/20195:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Friday10/11/201912:30 PMNews & Media Literacy
Online - Available between 10/07/19 - 10/12/1910/12/2019ONLOnline Intro to the Library
Monday10/14/201912:30 PMCredible Source Types
Monday10/14/20193:30 PMUsing Information Ethically
Tuesday10/15/201912:30 PMNews & Media Literacy
Tuesday10/15/20193:30 PMLibrary Databases
Wednesday10/16/201912:30 PMEvaluating Information
Wednesday10/16/20192:00 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Thursday10/17/201911:15 AMResearch Process
Thursday10/17/20195:30 PMLibrary Databases
Friday10/18/201912:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Saturday10/19/201911:15 AMCredible Source Types
Online - Available between 10/14/19 - 10/19/1910/19/2019ONLOnline Intro to the Library
Saturday10/19/201912:45 PMResearch Process
Monday10/21/201912:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Monday10/21/20193:30 PMResearch Process
Tuesday10/22/201912:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Tuesday10/22/20193:30 PMNews & Media Literacy
Wednesday10/23/201912:30 PMLibrary Databases
Wednesday10/23/20192:00 PMEvaluating Information
Thursday10/24/201911:15 AMUsing Information Ethically
Thursday10/24/20195:30 PMNews & Media Literacy
Friday10/25/201912:30 PMCredible Source Types
Online - Available between 10/21/19 - 10/26/1910/26/2019ONLOnline Intro to the Library
Monday10/28/201912:30 PMEvaluating Information
Monday10/28/20193:30 PMNews & Media Literacy
Tuesday10/29/201912:30 PMUsing Information Ethically
Tuesday10/29/20193:30 PMCredible Source Types
Wednesday10/30/201912:30 PMUsing Information Ethically
Wednesday10/30/20192:00 PMLibrary Databases
Thursday10/31/201911:15 AMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Thursday10/31/20195:30 PMResearch Process
Friday11/1/201912:30 PMEvaluating Information
Saturday11/2/201911:15 AMNews & Media Literacy
Saturday11/2/201912:45 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Monday11/4/201912:30 PMUsing Information Ethically
Monday11/4/20193:30 PMCredible Source Types
Tuesday11/5/201912:30 PMLibrary Databases
Tuesday11/5/20193:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Wednesday11/6/201912:30 PMEvaluating Information
Wednesday11/6/20192:00 PMResearch Process
Thursday11/7/201911:15 AMNews & Media Literacy
Thursday11/7/20195:50 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Friday11/8/201912:30 PMResearch Process
Tuesday11/12/201912:30 PMResearch Process
Tuesday11/12/20193:30 PMEvaluating Information
Wednesday11/13/201912:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Wednesday11/13/20192:00 PMCredible Source Types
Thursday11/14/201911:15 AMLibrary Databases
Thursday11/14/20195:30 PMUsing Information Ethically
Friday11/15/201912:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Saturday11/16/201911:15 AMEvaluating Information
Saturday11/16/201912:45 PMLibrary Databases
Monday11/18/201912:30 PMNews & Media Literacy
Monday11/18/20193:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Tuesday11/19/201912:30 PMCredible Source Types
Tuesday11/19/20193:30 PMLibrary Databases
Wednesday11/20/201912:30 PMResearch Process
Wednesday11/20/20192:00 PMUsing Information Ethically
Thursday11/21/201911:15 AMEvaluating Information
Thursday11/21/20195:30 PMCredible Source Types
Friday11/22/201912:30 PMLibrary Databases
Saturday11/23/201911:15 AMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Saturday11/23/201912:45 PMCredible Source Types
Monday11/25/201912:30 PMResearch Process
Monday11/25/20193:30 PMUsing Information Ethically
Tuesday11/26/201912:30 PMEvaluating Information
Tuesday11/26/20193:30 PMNews & Media Literacy
Wednesday11/27/201912:30 PMLibrary Databases
Wednesday11/27/20192:00 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Monday12/2/201912:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Monday12/2/20193:30 PMEvaluating Information
Tuesday12/3/201912:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Tuesday12/3/20193:30 PMResearch Process
Wednesday12/4/201912:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Wednesday12/4/20192:00 PMEvaluating Information
Thursday12/5/201911:15 AMCredible Source Types
Thursday12/5/20195:30 PMLibrary Databases
Friday12/6/201912:30 PMUsing Information Ethically
Saturday12/7/201911:15 AMCiting in MLA, 8th edition
Saturday12/7/201912:45 PMLibrary Databases
Monday12/9/201912:30 PMLibrary Databases
Monday12/9/20193:30 PMNews & Media Literacy
Tuesday12/10/201912:30 PMUsing Information Ethically
Tuesday12/10/20193:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th edition

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