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Tuesday1/16/201812:00 PMKeys to College Success #1: Expanding your Brain
Wednesday1/17/20181:30 PMMLA Documentation
Thursday1/18/201812:00 PMKeys to College Success #2: Learning to Succeed
Thursday1/18/20181:30 PMOutlining and Essay Structure
Monday1/22/201812:00 PMParagraph Development
Monday1/22/20185:00 PMIntroductions and Conclusions
Tuesday1/23/201812:00 PMKeys to College Success #3: Growth Mindset
Tuesday1/23/20184:00 PMIntroduction to Scientific Writing
Tuesday1/23/20185:00 PMInference and Analysis
Wednesday1/24/201812:00 PMRun-on Sentences
Wednesday1/24/20181:30 PMLogical Fallacies
Thursday1/25/201812:00 PMKeys to College Success #4: Thinking about Thinking
Thursday1/25/20181:30 PMAvoiding Vague Language
Monday1/29/201812:00 PMSummary vs. Analysis
Monday1/29/20181:30 PMFragments
Tuesday1/30/201812:00 PMKeys to College Success #5: Succeeding by Failing
Tuesday1/30/20181:30 PMThesis Sentences
Tuesday1/30/20185:00 PMProofreading
Wednesday1/31/201812:00 PMSummary vs. Analysis
Wednesday1/31/20181:30 PMIntroductions and Conclusions
Wednesday1/31/20185:00 PMParagraph Development
Thursday2/1/201812:00 PMAPA Documentation
Thursday2/1/20181:30 PMOutlining and Essay Structure
Thursday2/1/20185:00 PMThesis Sentences
Monday2/5/201812:00 PMParagraph Development
Monday2/5/20181:30 PMSummary vs. Analysis
Tuesday2/6/201812:00 PMQuotation Integration
Tuesday2/6/20181:30 PMMLA Documentation
Tuesday2/6/20185:00 PMAvoiding Vague Language
Wednesday2/7/201812:00 PMProofreading
Wednesday2/7/20181:30 PMTimed Writing Assignments

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