Cancelled Classes

Today is Tuesday, March 03, 2015

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Cancelled classes for Tuesday, March 03, 2015

TktCrsDaysTimeRoomInstructorSpecial Instructions
1003BIOL 112TTH, TTH01:40pm-03:05pm, 09:10am-12:20pmSG205B, SG202MIZUNO-MASUNAGA , LYNN 
1182BUSAD 120T06:55pm-10:05pmSF119GORGINIAN , SEVANquiz next week
1235ACCTG 160T06:55pm-10:05pmSR312SHROYER , KRISTINACheck moodle for instructions, do in claass excersice and homework 1 quiz.Read lecture 3
1438ENGL 101TTH03:25pm-04:50pmCR224MARTERELLA , DANA 
1439HUMAN 106T06:55pm-10:05pmAD217MARTERELLA , DANA 
1467ESL 116TTH03:25pm-04:50pmAU103ARENSMEYER JR. , JOHN W 
1507ESL 133TTH06:55pm-09:25pmAU204WOELLHOF , CARAcheck moodle and study chapter 4
1800ITAL 101TTH06:55pm-09:25pmAD209FRONTINI , FLAVIO 
1801ITAL 102TTH03:25pm-05:55pmAD209FRONTINI , FLAVIO 
1826SPAN 101TTH01:40pm-04:10pmSF116CAMARGO , DANTECheck your email.
1975MATH 145MW, TTH07:50am-08:55am, 07:50am-08:40amAA102, AA102ABRAMSON , ELAINETest is postponed to thursday, come to class tmorrow
2352OCEAN 115TTH01:40pm-03:05pmCR137PAL , POORNA 
2354OCEAN 115T06:55pm-10:05pmSB243PAL , POORNA 
2593SOC 101TTH09:10am-10:35amLB222GHAZARIAN , ANNASHE 
2914T ART 101TTH07:35am-09:00amAU102LUCKETT , SHARRELLcheck your email

Currently, there are no classes cancelled for tomorrow, Wednesday, March 04, 2015