Cancelled Classes

Today is Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Cancelled classes for Wednesday, November 26, 2014

TktCrsDaysTimeRoomInstructorSpecial Instructions
1285ENGL 101MW03:25pm-04:50pmSF106BLUE , DENISE 
1305ENGL 102W09:10am-10:15amSG139KWA , ROSEMARYCheck your email and class website for further instructions
1338ENGL 120MWF07:45am-09:00amSG139RUSSELL , CHRISTY 
1345ENGL 120W10:45am-12:50pmSG139KWA , ROSEMARYCheck your email and class website for further instructions
1353ENGL 120MW03:25pm-05:30pmSR112DANIELS , JEFFREYPick up exams at AD 145(Instructional Services)
1422ENGL 120MW05:10pm-07:15pmAU114BLUE , DENISE 
1464ESL 146MW01:40pm-03:05pmAU204BALDWIN , MARY KATHRYN 
1469ESL 151MTWTH09:10am-11:15amAU212BALDWIN , MARY KATHRYN 
1511ESL 123MW09:10am-11:40amVGT 1LANGON , JANET 
1529ESL 126MW01:40pm-03:05pmVGT 1LANGON , JANET 
1583HLTH 104MW09:10am-10:35amSN101HOLLAND DICHTER , KATHERINE 
1646HLTH 106MW10:45am-12:10pmSN101HOLLAND DICHTER , KATHERINE 
1816SPAN 102MTWTH10:45am-11:55amLB205BEDERMAN , SARAH 
1855JOURN 106W, W06:55pm-10:05pm, 05:45pm-06:55pmAA114, AA114HOFMANN , MICHELLE 
1936MATH 119MW04:15pm-06:45pmSG376LAVERTU , SUZANNE 
1970MATH 145TTH, WF01:40pm-02:45pm, 01:40pm-02:30pmSG379, SG379FRANKIAN , NARINEH 
1978MATH 146MW, TTH01:40pm-02:45pm, 01:40pm-02:30pmSG376, SG376LAVERTU , SUZANNE 
2307HIST 136MW10:45am-12:10pmSF102BOWERMAN , ROGER 
2415ART 102MW07:35am-09:00amAA113WRIGHT , TIMOTHY 
2622MUSIC 236MW03:25pm-04:50pmAU211DELTO , CLAREPlease be in class on Monday, we will prepare for the concert on Tuesday.
2766ADMJ 134W06:55pm-10:05pmAT232DISTASO , MARK 
2793ECT 110T, TH06:55pm-10:05pm, 06:55pm-10:05pmAT217, AT217SHAHNAZARIAN , PATRICK 
3805HIST 118MW12:20pm-01:45pmCR137BOWERMAN , ROGER 
3930DANCE 100MW03:25pm-04:50pmSN101SWAN , TRACEY 
3982MATH 146MW03:25pm-05:30pmSF103GHAHRAMANYAN , ALLA 

Currently, there are no classes cancelled for tomorrow, Thursday, November 27, 2014