Cancelled Classes

Today is Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Cancelled classes for Tuesday, October 21, 2014

TktCrsDaysTimeRoomInstructorSpecial Instructions
1299ENGL 101T06:55pm-10:05pmSF119BECKETT , ANDREA MARACheck Moodle for instructions
1490ESL 115MTWTH09:10am-10:20amSG325SELTZER , RICHARDThere will be no listening test on Wednesday, and bring the Interactions
1509ESL 123MTWTH07:50am-09:00amSG325SELTZER , RICHARDBring the grammar book on Wednesday
1787ITAL 101TTH06:55pm-09:25pmAD209FRONTINI , FLAVIO 
1788ITAL 102TTH03:25pm-05:55pmAD209FRONTINI , FLAVIO 
2174HIST 103TTH09:10am-10:35amSR116FISHMAN , ROBYN 
2177HIST 111TTH03:25pm-04:50pmLB222FISHMAN , ROBYN 
2256ECON 102T06:55pm-10:05pmLB220KASHFIAN , DAVID 
2365MUSIC 160T, TH07:55am-09:00am, 07:55am-08:45amAU215, AU215NARGIZYAN , LYUSINE 
2368MUSIC 161T, TH09:10am-10:15am, 09:10am-10:00amAU215, AU215NARGIZYAN , LYUSINE 
2370MUSIC 162T, TH10:45am-11:50am, 10:45am-11:35amAU215, AU215NARGIZYAN , LYUSINE 
2433T ART 123TTH, TTH03:25pm-04:25pm, 04:25pm-05:55pmAU6, AU6HERRON , ROYCEThere will be class on Thursday
2485ART 130TTH, TTH01:10pm-02:10pm, 02:10pm-03:15pmAA110, AA110JONG , MAY 
2712ART 130TTH, TTH10:05am-11:05am, 11:05am-12:10pmAA110, AA110JONG , MAY 
3715T ART 109T, T04:30pm-05:30pm, 05:30pm-06:35pmAU6, AU6HERRON , ROYCE 
3715T ART 109T, TH04:30pm-05:30pm, 04:30pm-06:35pmAU6, AU6HERRON , ROYCE 
3717T ART 110TTH04:30pm-05:55pmAU6HERRON , ROYCEThere will bw class on Thursday

Cancelled classes for Wednesday, October 22, 2014

TktCrsDaysTimeRoomInstructorSpecial Instructions
1496ESL 116MW06:35am-08:00amVGT 1KLEINMAN , MARGIT 
2844ARCH 120MW, MW12:05pm-01:10pm, 01:10pm-03:15pmAT220, AT220CHIU , PAUL 
2846ARCH 130MW, MW12:05pm-01:10pm, 01:10pm-03:15pmAT220, AT220CHIU , PAUL 
2859ARCH 240M, M12:05pm-01:10pm, 01:10pm-02:45pmAT220, AT220CHIU , PAUL 
2859ARCH 240M, W12:05pm-01:10pm, 12:05pm-03:15pmAT220, CHIU , PAUL